Dumbass sayings: “Lone Wolf”

You hear a lot on the news about national security trying to prevent “lone wolf” attacks from terrorists. I really don’t like that term “lone wolf attack.” We shouldn’t call them “lone wolves.” Why not? Because lone wolf sounds kinda cool. Wolves are very beautiful animals. Why would you link the hideousness of terrorism with such a majestic and mysterious creature? We should be calling these terrorists them “lone pussies” instead. Imagine if you heard a reporter on the news saying “There was another lone pussy attack today…” How many young, angry males unhappy with their lives with access to weapons would aspire to be a “lone pussy”? The title of “lone wolf” might be attractive to them though. The news makes a lot of mistakes when it comes to reporting and indulging mass murderers. The more they sensationalize it and act so excited when a new spree killing happens, the more it appears they actually want this kind of shit to happen. They may as well call these killers “Lone awesome guys!” Of course no one would go that far, but it goes to show that what we call things actually does matter. For what it’s worth, “lone awesome guy” isn’t that far from “lone wolf” because wolves are awesome and no one can dispute that.

Can we NOT compare mass killers and terrorists to awesome animals?

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