Dumbass Sayings: “Ladykiller”

When you’re six-years-old and you walk into the living room wearing a tiny leather jacket all your relatives go “Oh isn’t he a ladykiller!” What?! A “ladykiller”? Seriously? So let me get this straight, when a boy looks cute you connect that with slaughtering females? No, I’m sorry. In today’s age that’s totally unacceptable. Murdering women should not be linked to anything positive. Maybe back in the 1960’s and 70’s that was okay, but times have changed. Women have rights now and you can’t go around attributing positive connotations to the slaying of women. Of course the opposite gender version of this is “maneater.” We don’t call a woman a “mankiller.” Why not? Why do we call them a “maneater” instead? I think it’s because “eating” a man can still be considered sexually pleasing. You can eat someone’s ass for example and that’s a good thing. There is no good version of killing people though. If you ask anyone if they’d rather be killed or eaten out I think it’s pretty obvious which one they’d pick. “Ladykiller” is a sexist term and it needs to be changed to “ladyeater.” Now I know that might sound like an inappropriate thing to call a child in a tiny leather jacket, but what kind of world do we live in where “ladykiller” ISN’T? Think about it…

Looks like we got a real ladykiller here!

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