Dumbass Sayings: “I’m Sold”

When a consumer sees the features of a car in a car commercial they yell “I’M SOLD!” I don’t know how this makes any sense to say. If you decide to buy an item, you’re not actually sold. If you were the actual product then you’d be sold. You’re a person paying money for the object so you’re BUYING. That’s like someone convincing you into giving them oral sex and then you give in and say “I’m blown!” Do you realize how that makes no sense? Just because people say “I’m sold!” all the time doesn’t make it right. Let’s start paying attention to words a little bit more. Unless you’re a human trafficked sex slave there’s no reason you should be saying “I’m sold.” Even then, I don’t know why you would say that. That has to be a really fucked up moment in a person’s life to be transferred between two parties for currency.

I think people say “I’m sold” because when a salesman is doing his pitch it’s called “selling.” A salesman can be “selling a person” on the benefits of the product. However, deciding to buy is not being “sold.” The process of hearing a sales pitch would be the action of being sold on something. There aren’t two sales made on a sale. Only one decision is being made and it makes more sense to say that an item was sold than saying the buyer was sold on the item. Selling is like sex, two people can be considered having intercourse, but one is really doing the fucking. So from the salesperson’s perspective, the item is sold to the person. “I’m sold” is just something the buyer says from their perspective which basically equates to “I just got fucked.” No one should have to say that.

"Guy standing perfectly straight in front of his cart for hours? I'M SOLD!"

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