Dumbass Sayings: “Always Leave Them Wanting More”

There’s a famous saying in show business “Always leave them wanting more!” If you treat sex like performance art as I do then there’s a big problem here. If you’ve ever had an issue with premature ejaculation then you know how invalid this advice is. In the case of sexual intercourse it’s best to leave the other person completely satisfied. If you follow this terrible advice then you’ll see that you’re the one leaving and they’re the one finishing themselves off with a vibrator. The whole idea of “Always leave them wanting more” is that the audience will be looking forward to the next show. If you follow that advice with sex then your “audience” may never want to see your “show” again. Even if you do have another show, it’s pretty safe to say they’re not coming. So, no, don’t ALWAYS leave them wanting more. If it’s in a situation like a magic show then sure, but most of the time people enjoy a wholly satisfying experience that requires no follow up.

Any woman you've left wanting more knows that vibration really is life.

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