The Top 5 Best Vice President Running Mates For Donald Trump

Even though the 2016 U.S. Presidential election is still more than a year away, as each day passes it’s looking more and more like Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee. With the election looming, he’s going to have to consider candidates for running mate pretty soon. Who will be Donald Trump’s Vice President running mate? Well, here’s the top 5 best picks:

5. Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin may have ruined John McCain’s chances of becoming President in 2008, but that was back when they were facing Barack Obama. This time against Hillary, Sarah Palin might take just enough of a bite out of the female vote to make the difference. Also, in a world where Donald Trump is a serious candidate for President, it might finally make sense that Sarah Palin would be a serious contender for Vice President.

Admittedly, she's not the best at haircuts.

4. Hulk Hogan
Yes, Hulk Hogan was recently fired from World Wrestling Entertainment for a privately recorded racist rant, but the fact remains, he’s a real American. Also, his racist remarks were about African Americans. His comments most likely resonated with a portion of the country who hates President Obama.

You think ISIS wants to mess with Hulkamania?

3. Kermit the Frog
In case you haven’t noticed, The Muppets have been making a bit of a comeback. Kermit has his own television series, he’s in all sorts of commercials, and he’s back in the hearts and minds of Americans. We all know politicians are puppets anyway so why not have a literal puppet as the Vice President?

Kermit has an arm up his butt at all times, but assplay is not uncommon for some politicians.

2. Dennis Rodman
Dennis Rodman was a contestant on “Celebrity Apprentice” so he already has connections to Trump. We know Trump has some problems with foreign relations so Dennis Rodman would be a natural considering how well he’s gotten along with Kim Jong Un. He’s done more with North Korea than John Kerry ever could have done. Rodman could be key to capturing both the valuable African American, NBA fan, and Transvestite vote.

Trump thinks the country needs to rebound, so who's better at rebounding than Dennis Rodman?

And the number one best running mate for Donald Trump in 2016 is...

1. Gary Busey
I don’t even need to explain why this is a good idea. Just imagine Gary Busey as Vice President of the United States. Now imagine something happened to Donald Trump. We’d have President Gary Busey. That’s just awesome. It might even be an improvement over President Donald Trump and we know it’s an improvement at Vice President over Joe Biden. As with Rodman, Busey was on “Celebrity Apprentice” so if Trump chooses to host a special edition of “The Apprentice” to find his VP, Busey has a real shot at this.

Joe Biden is already basically like a mild, slightly more rapey Gary Busey.

So there you have it, all five are great choices, but Trump can choose only one. If elected, Trump would be wise to find a spot in his cabinet for each of them.

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