Dumbass Sayings: “I Don’t See Color”

When someone accuses Janice at work of being racist towards the new intern she says “I’m NOT racist! I don’t even see color!” Okay, first of all If you don’t see color then you only see Black and White which would still make being racist very possible if not even more so than if you did see color. Seeing color allows you the ability to see more facets of the world and people. If you only saw black and white then that would significantly narrow your opinion. I know it’s a figure of speech, but a racist person could figuratively say they see the world in black and white: you’re either black or you’re white. Someone who is truly evolved can see all the colors and still choose not to judge people based on those minor visual differences. They don’t need to handicap their eyes to fool themselves into being ignorant of a person’s ethnicity. They can see and appreciate ethnicities other than their own and that involves seeing them in full color. Also this phrase is offensive to actual colorblind people. How you’d like if someone in your office ran around saying they were in a wheelchair when they were clearly walking normally on both legs? Well that’s sort of like what saying “I don’t see color!” is.

Oh you think YOU'RE colorblind?!

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