Ask McFartnuggets: “I Think I Have Aixelsyd?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
So I was on WebMD trying to do a diagnosis on myself. I put in all my symptoms and it suggested that I have Aixelsyd. I’ve never heard of this before. Whenever I search for it I find very little information. Is this a real condition or is it some kind of glitch? I know WebMD is not the most trusted source for medical information so I wanted to get a second opinion. -- Tobias from Springfield, Missouri

Dear Tobias:
Okay this is a little confusing. So if it says you have Aixelsyd then that would mean it says Dyslexia which is a real condition. I’m almost certain that’s what you have since you’re reading words backwards. Aixelsyd is Dyslexia backwards so if that’s what you’re seeing then that’s a pretty good sign. What I’m confused about is now whenever I’m typing Dyslexia you’re seeing “Aixelsyd” and vice versa or should I say versa vice, or asrev eciv. Now if the site you’re on is actually typing out Aixelsyd and other people without Dyslexia are telling you that’s how they’re spelling it then that’s obviously some sort of a joke by the WebMD people. By the way if this is at all confusing to you, just replace Aixelsyd with Dyslexia where you see it or should I say replace Dyslexia with Aixelsyd...

Always tell your eye doctor if you have dyslexia otherwise you're gonna get some fucked up lenses.

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