Dumbass Sayings: “IMO”

One of the more popular typed phrases on the internet is “IMO” the acronym for “In My Opinion.” If you’re on a forum it’s usually only a few seconds before you read something like “Aunt Jemima shits all over Mrs. Butterworth IMO.” Is this really necessary for people to say? If the actual words “In my opinion” are not important enough to type out, why are they important enough for an acronym. It’s a redundant phrase either way. Of course it’s your opinion, YOU SAID IT. Here’s how talking works: the majority of the time you say things that are your opinion. That’s why you say them to people, so they can know your opinion. Now, if for some reason you’re going to say something that ISN’T your opinion, you can then say “This isn’t my opinion though, it’s someone else’s.” Since speaking other people’s opinions should be less frequent than speaking our own, THAT would be where a special indicator could be inserted to let people know. Either that or anytime you neglect to add in “IMO” it means whatever you said wasn’t your opinion. Of course everyone assumes it is your opinion even if you didn’t type IMO, which is exactly why it’s a worthless thing to say or type in the first place.

"In my opinion I think I'm saying words to people from my mouth hole right now!"

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