Ask McFartnuggets: “How Do I Know When a Woman is Being Sexist Towards Me?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
My boss at work who is a woman didn’t give me the promotion I deserved and I think it’s because I’m a man. She gave the promotion to a woman instead and I think she might be sexist. How can I prove this though? I tried to complain to HR and they said they need evidence. I have no evidence! When a man is sexist it’s so obvious, but when a woman is sexist they are able to hide that very easily! How do I even know she’s being sexist? It’s just a guess at this stage. A strong guess, but still a guess! Some people tell me that women can’t be sexist and they say it’s like a black person being racist, it can’t happen. Of course black people can be racist! A woman must be able to be sexist then! Are we supposed to just let these miserable witches get away with being sexist? -- Clint from Crawfordsville, Indiana

Dear Clint:
Yeah that’s a tough one. The problem with women being sexist is they don’t have the same systemic power in the corporate ladder as men do. In order to be sexist you must first stand from a position of power. Now while your boss stands at a position of power above you, there’s still a likely chance that she has men above her. In that case, she is the one being victimized by sexism. Unless you’re in a company run by 90% women and you catch them making comments about how weird your scrotum is and things of that nature, you can’t really claim sexism. You’re right the comparison to black people not being able to be racist is wrong. It’s more like how midgets aren’t able to bowl average sized people. Now you might have a few really super strong midgets able to throw a full grown man, but in general, it’s almost always the other way around and very offensive as well.

Sexism should probably just be called Womanism, but that sounds too much like Feminism.

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