Dumbass Sayings: “Gag Reel”

Sometimes you see DVDs advertising a “bonus gag reel” then you buy the thing because you think you’re going to see Emma Stone giving blow jobs. Well aren’t you disappointed when you click the button in the menu and just shows a bunch of BLOOPERS. Yeah that’s right, “gag reel” is just another term for “bloopers” or even “outtakes.” This term needs to go away. It’s misleading, outdated, and just plain inaccurate. Of course people hear “gag” especially when an actress is concerned and the first thing they think is subconsciously dirty. This has to be why they keep using the term. There’s no other reason for calling it a gag reel. There are no reels anymore. If the “gag reel” came packaged separately in a circular metal case that you pop into a projector then fine I’d say you could call that “gag reel,” but there are no more reels being used for home viewing. Just say “outtakes.” Everyone knows what an outtake is. Why don’t they just say outtakes? Because it just doesn’t sound as enticing as a “gag reel” even though it is because no one’s gagging. The only movies that should have a gag reel are movies like “Deep Throat” in that case I can see how that’s suitable.

No, not that kind of gag.

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