Dumbass Sayings: "Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken"

Oscar Wilde once said “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.” That’s not exactly true though. Obviously if you have to tell people to be themselves then there are a great number of people who aren’t. So if you have a bunch of people being other people then that means their own identities are vacant and untaken. Therefore you always have the option to be someone else. You might not want to be someone who abandoned their own personality to take someone else’s but it does mean that there are spots open. Everyone else is not already taken. If that part of the quote was true and everyone was already taken then that would make the first part completely redundant. You would have no choice but to be yourself so there’s no point in even saying that. You would be yourself merely by existing and therein lies the problem with this quote. Everyone is themselves no matter who they’re trying to copy or act like. You cannot be someone else unless you’re committing identity theft which as we all know is possible even if the victim is living. Also, some people have multiple personalities. Surely you can copy one of theirs and they won’t mind. In that respect, people with multiple personalities are a little greedy. They aren’t just taken once, they’re taken quite a few times and in that case it would be totally okay to co-opt one of their superfluous personalities for your own benefit.

If only demons who possess people listened to this saying.

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