Dumbass Sayings: “No Brainer”

Sometimes you’ll have a relative get into an accident which causes severe brain trauma and they’re put on life support. The doctor tells you that they have nearly none of their brain fuction left and won’t ever get it back. You ask people for advice on what to do and some jackass says “You should pull the plug, that’s a no brainer!” Oh haha, I get it, no brainer because she’s a vegetable right? That’s very funny… Of course it’s not a “no brainer” it’s a very difficult decision that requires your entire brain to make. What would a “no brainer” decision even be? Even the decision to walk outside with pants on isn’t a “no brainer.” You still require a brain to do the most simple tasks. That’s why someone on life support might not be considered living because they can’t make those simplest decisions that we crudely take for granted. A real “no brainer” would involve the person with drool running down their face and their head tilted back and guess what? That’s not a decision anyone’s making consciously so you can take your “no brainer” term and shove it up your ass. Unless you’re a zombie, NOTHING is a no brainer.

"No brainer" should be the term we use after stupid, poor decisions and not before painfully obvious ones.

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