Dumbass Song Lyrics: “You Stole My Happy”

Carrie Underwood has a song with a line in it that goes “You stole my happy, you made me cry.” I find it difficult to believe that someone who refers to their sense of contentment in life as their “happy” would ever lose it. They say ignorance is bliss and that has been provably true so if you’re an adult with the intellect of a child then even if you do momentarily lose your happy, a butterfly can land on your nose and you’ll get it right back immediately. Of course this singer means to say “you stole my happiness” but that wouldn’t fit into the song so she chose to disregard the English language which almost defeats the purpose of even singing in a language. At what point will you just start humming and yammering in musical gibberish? Either write a song in the language and conform to the rules of that language or just don’t even bother and sing in tongues. And how does one even steal happy? Happiness isn’t a commodity that can be transferred between persons. Even if someone enjoyed hurting you, they’re not stealing your happiness they’re merely extinguishing yours and their brain is creating their own happiness based on the situation. Lyrics in songs like this are like eye floaters. You’re not supposed to pay attention to them, but if you do they become somewhat troubling.

"Why you steal my happy?"

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