Dumbass Sayings: “I Have A Strong Personality”

Sometimes you hear people say shit like “Sorry if I argue a lot, I have a strong personality!” Saying “I have a strong personality” is basically just a creative way of saying “I’m kind of an asshole.” It’s like how you might say someone has a “strong odor” instead of blatantly announcing that they smell like shit. We in society automatically link the word “strong” with a positive connotation, but it also has a negative side and this is it. The thing is, you should never have to tell someone you have a strong personality. If it’s true then anyone casually observing you will notice that. If it’s a strong enough personality, people will pick that up immediately and won’t need you to spell it out for them. If it’s not obvious then clearly it can’t be that strong of a personality. Elvis Presley had a strong personality. James Brown had a strong personality. You on the other hand, just enjoy bullying people into behaving the way you want. That might be acceptable if you’re Elvis, James Brown, or The President of the United States, but if you’re just some random jackass who sells life insurance then you need to calm the hell down. When you go around telling people you have a strong personality then it’s likely just to create an excuse for why you’re an asshole. “It’s not my fault I push people around, I have a strong personality!” I guess you could say Hitler had a strong personality. You now have something in common with Hitler, congratulations! Fact is, sometimes people are jerks and it’s okay to own up to it. Far too many people hide behind excuses and explanations for their asshole behavior by using terms like “strong personality” and “mildly autistic.” Ultimately, the motivation isn’t what matters, it’s the actual actions that occur.

For some reason a lot of people with strong personalities are considered jackasses.

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