Dumbass Sayings: “He Died Doing What He Loved”

When you hear about someone who died being eaten by a bear his family will say something like “He was camping in the outdoors. He died doing what he loved.” No, he died doing what he hated, being eaten by a fucking bear! No one dies doing what they love. We all die doing what we love the least which is dying. If you were doing what you love (being alive) then you’d still be alive. Once the death activity is initiated, whether it be your heart seizing, a vessel bursting in your brain, or a bear biting into your skull, that’s becomes the number one action you’re taking part in. From that second on, you’re no longer out fishing or camping, you’re fighting for your life and I don’t think anyone “loves” to do that. Now if you want to make this saying a little more logically acceptable you can change it to “He was doing what he loved MOMENTS BEFORE he died.” That’s a sentence I can’t argue with because it actually illustrates the truth of the situation rather clearly. To say someone “Died doing what they love” is a little misleading. It’s like dipping a turd in sugar. You want to do your best to make something horrible seem better, but it’s not going to work very well unless you take very gentle licks. Don’t you dare go burrowing your tongue in there looking for more answers.

"At least he died doing what he loved, taking photos of nature."
"Are you serious? He was eaten alive by a fucking bear..."

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