Dumbass Sayings: “ My Emotions Got The Better of Me”

Sometimes when you’re at your child’s soccer game, a bad call is made and one of the parents runs on the field and starts beating the everloving shit out of the referee. The rest of the parents pull the attacker off and do their best to restrain her. While others are consoling the children, you make the decision whether or not to get the police involved. While you’re holding the phone she says  “Look, I’m sorry! My emotions got the better of me! There’s no need to call the cops!” I’m really tired of that line “My emotions got the better of me.” There’s a cop out excuse if I’ve ever heard one. You want to talk about emotions? What are human beings but a collection of emotions? Without emotions we may as well be soulless insects. Even chimps, dogs, (and to a lesser extent) cats, have emotions. The emotions we feel on a constant basis make up our personality. We are comprised of our emotions. Your emotions didn’t get the better of you, YOU got the better of you and guess what? That’s not even possible. So no, your emotions didn’t get the better of you, you’re just an asshole and I’m calling the fucking police.

"Guys, come on! My emotions got the better of me! Let me out of this thing!'

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