Ask McFartnuggets: “Can I Use Head & Shoulders on My Pubes?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
I’ve been having a weird crotch dandruff problem. I just want to know if it’s safe to use Head & Shoulders on my pubes because it’s called Head & Shoulders. I don’t know if it’s formulated specially for head and shoulders only or what. I would presume that based on the name. I don’t want to test my fate, obviously with pube dandruff things aren’t exactly rolling my way as of late. I don’t want to take risks with that area. I tried using Icy Hot on to relieve some pain there and needless to say things didn’t work out well. -- Tommy from New Haven, Connecticut

Dear Tommy:
Of course you can use it on your pubic hair. What do you expect them to call it “Head, Shoulders, Balls, and Crotch”? They can’t just go rattling off all the places you can use it on. That would make for a very clunky name. It’s just like women and children can use Just For Men, you can’t take names too seriously. Icy Hot is a name that stays true though, I’m certain your crotch felt icy then like it was on fire, and fire is hot. When you have crotch dandruff it’s also a good idea to moisturize. Try using a lotion and after using the Head and Shoulders (provided your crotch doesn’t burn off) try a conditioner on top of that. If you’re still having ball dandruff I would recommend seeking professional help if it’s negatively impacting your social and work life. You may need a specially formulated prescription ball shampoo. Good luck!

They really should just call Head and Shoulders "Head."

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