Ask McFartnuggets: “When Will Something Finally Be Done About Gun Control?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Every damn week there’s a new mass shooting or public shooting or crazed gunman in the news. It used to be once a year, then once a month, now once a week, soon maybe once a day! When is someone going to do something about gun control? People say it’s a mental health issue and I agree, but let’s not pretend like the guns play no part in this. Sure if crazy people couldn’t have guns they’d go around with swords or something, but at least you’ve got a better fighting chance against a lunatic with a sword vs a lunatic with an AK-47! When will people say enough is enough? -- Lola from Peoria, Illinois

Dear Lola:
I think the gun issue is going to play out very similar to how same sex marriages and gay rights are right now. For a long time it was okay to dismiss gay rights and not treat gays like equal citizens, but as more and more people are gay these days everyone knows a homosexual or bisexual person, Dick Cheney’s daughter is a lesbian and so forth. It’s easy for people to dismiss an issue when it doesn’t affect them. With guns, as more people get killed in these tragedies, the number of people affected who have had family members murdered will increase. As that number rises you’ll likely see a push for more legislation that has more backing behind it. And as gays have become more embraced by society due to their numbers, it is very possible that the idea of gun control will follow suit. The one difference is that gay rights are pushing for the freedoms of people and the ability to get a gun with as few restrictions as possible is also a freedom. The difference is gays aren’t really killing anyone, while people who can buy an assault rifle at a gun festival or online sometimes do. Regardless of your beliefs, it’s easy to see the Liberal agenda is the one gaining traction in society. This could lead to the ultimate Conservative nightmare, a future where a gay President runs around taking everyone’s gun, possibly Hillary Clinton.

Whoever is going to be the next President better be good at tragedy press conferences.
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