Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Aren’t Women Put on Death Row as Often as Men?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
The state of Georgia executed their first female prisoner in 70 years recently and it got me wondering why more women aren’t on death row. When you look at the number of United States death row inmates by gender there are 2,948 men (98.20%) and only 54 women (1.80%). Women are always talking about equality, but where’s the equality there? Some of these women commit crimes just as awful or more awful than the men and we have some unwritten rule that says we can’t execute them. If these same women were men they would have been executed a long time ago. I don’t hear feminists complaining about that. You can’t pick and choose where you get to be equal! You’re either equal across the board or you’re not. Why aren’t we putting more women on death row and treating them equal to their male counterparts? -- Cornelius from Bloomfield, Indiana

Dear Cornelius:
Well, yes there is an inequality there, but it’s mostly due to the fact that men commit crimes more often than women. Men also tend to commit more grisly acts of murder than women. That isn’t to say that women are any less capable of cold blooded murder, it simply happens less often. Men generally have more testosterone in their systems which leads to rage and stupid decisions. Rage and stupidity tends to result in murder. When women committing horrendous murders happens at a lower rate than men, you’re bound to see smaller numbers when it comes to how many women are on death row. If anything, the fact that there are so few women on death row makes them more than equal, they’re technically superior in society because they’re not going around cutting people’s heads off.

If you're a woman in a room like this, it's probably to give birth.

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