Dumbass Sayings: “The Ark Was Made By Amateurs, The Titanic Was Made By Professionals”

When confronted about his lack of governing experience, Republican Presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson likes to say “The ark was made by amateurs, the Titanic was made by professionals.” I suppose if you were looking for one of the only instances of amateurism trumping expertise in known history that’s not a bad example. Of course, the science isn’t entirely in on the whole validity of the Noah’s Ark story. You could just as easily say “Jesus walked on water, Criss Angel walked on a pool with glass over it.” I’m not sure what that actually communicates other than illusions are fake. Yes, the Titanic was built by professionals and it was said to be unsinkable. However, there was really nothing that ship could have been made out of that would have helped it against the direct hit of that iceberg. The reason the Titanic sank was because the captain was laden with hubris and had unrealistic expectations of what the ship was capable of. That hubris led to ignorance and a failure to avoid a big ass iceberg that tore a hole in the ship. The people who built the Titanic had nothing to do with why it failed. When it comes down to choosing between people who know what they’re doing versus people who just think they know what they’re doing and are supposedly guided by god, you’d be wise to side with the professionals 99.99% of the time.

The key difference between Noah's ark and the Titanic was prescience. Noah knew the flood was coming, the Titanic's crew didn't know the iceberg was, and anyone with even a little foresight can see Ben Carson would make a horrible President.

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