Dumbass Sayings: “Lips of an Angel”

Sometimes you’re at the club minding your own business and some lady walks up and says “Excuse, me I just had to say you have the lips of an angel!” Seriously? The lips of an angel? This is a really weird thing to say to someone. First of all, angels aren’t known for their lips. They’re known for having wings and halos. By saying “lips of an angel” you’re basically sexualizing angels. Angels are the spiritual messengers of god, they’re not supposed to be involved in sex of any kind. Any time you tell someone they have the lips of an angel you’re essentially saying “I want to fuck an angel.” You would never say someone had the “genitals of an angel.” No that would be weird. So why is saying lips of an angel any better? Lips, genitals, and buttcheeks are all sexual parts of the body. If you kissed an angel then you and the angel would probably go straight to hell. You would never say someone had the tits of a nun. We talk about separation of church and state, but the bigger issue here is separation of church and sex.

Sometimes angels overpower and sexually assault people. There's a lot we don't know about them.

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