Dumbass Sayings: “Cakewalk”

After your son’s little league team gets beat, sometimes the other coach will say “Man, that was a cakewalk!” Now, “cakewalk” is a term that originated from something called “prize walks” in the late 19th century. During these prize walks, people would dance around in couples and the winning couple would receive a cake. First of all, that’s insane. Secondly, this holds absolutely no relevance in today’s world whatsoever. No one knows this is what the phrase means, no one cares, and even if they knew they’d just be more confused. So no, it wasn’t a “cakewalk.” You don’t know what a “cakewalk” is so stop using words that you’re completely unfamiliar with. Can we just cut the bullshit here? If you don’t know what a word actually means, simply take it out of your vocabulary or do some research and figure out what it means. If you did the research and found out what a cakewalk actually is then you’d realize that it makes no contextual sense at all. I get the idea of people dancing for a cake as a prize, but how exactly does that correlate to something being easy? I’m sure these cake dances were very competitive. If you and a partner are competing against other couples in the 1890’s over a giant cake then you better believe everyone’s bringing their A-game. Cakes were very valuable back then. You couldn’t just make a cake whenever you wanted, that shit took effort and planning, you know, the exact opposite of what we would consider a “cakewalk.”

You wanna ruin a birthday party? Have a cakewalk.

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