Dumbass Sayings: “My Women’s Intuition”

Whenever you’re around women they always talk about their psychic powers. Women will always say something like “I knew that hitchhiker was going to try to kill us! It’s my women’s intuition!” Women always claim to have this special power of intuition that allows them to predict bad things before they happen. The problem with this is, they never mention when their “women’s intuition” is wrong. How many times does a woman think something or someone is suspicious and then nothing bad ever happens? We never hear about those times. All we hear about is when they do guess right. That would be fine, but they’re guessing ALL THE TIME. Women are constantly worrying and considering worst case scenarios at every turn. It’s not like women’s ovaries are crystal balls. They have no mystical powers even though their vaginas are rather mysterious. If women actually had psychic powers surely they’d know when to avoid horrible relationships with idiots. Either that’s somehow not a feature of women’s intuition, or it’s all bullshit. It doesn’t make too much sense that they’d be psychic about everything except something as major as choosing a potential mate. Women are constantly wrong about that, so that kind of takes any credence away from a possible women’s intuition.

"I can tell by the worn texture of your palm that you are a very lonely man."

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