Dumbass sayings: “Dime Piece”

When a woman is very attractive people call them a “dime piece.” The word “dime” is used to represent the number 10 as in, a perfect 10 out of 10 score when rating a woman’s face and body. So really when you call a woman a “dime piece” you’re basically calling her a “ten piece.” You never really hear someone call a woman a 10-piece because then that would make them sound like a box of chicken nuggets. The problem I have with this whole thing is, a dime isn’t a valuable coin. When you’re dealing with such a small denomination of money, the difference between 7 cents and ten cents is really negligible. However, when objectifying women with a score of 1 to 10, there is quite a difference between a 7 and a 10. The whole analogy and comparison is off scale here. If you’re going to compare a perfect woman to an amount of money it should be something along the lines of a million dollars rather than ten cents. I’m sure we all wish they were only worth ten cents, but let’s not kid ourselves. Calling women dime pieces is severely devaluing them and it’s just flat out wrong.

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