Dumbass Sayings: “Stink To High Heaven”

Sometimes you’ll wake up late for work so you have to speed through your morning routine. You don’t take a shower because that would take too much time. You do poop, but you don’t have time to wipe. You run to work and the first person to see you says “Holy cow you stink to high heaven!” That’s such an interesting phrase. Are people in heaven stinky? Shouldn’t you stink down to the sulfuric pits of hell? Of the two, hell is the afterlife destination that’s heavily associated with assholes and feces so shouldn’t that be the one where stinky people go? Also what the hell is HIGH heaven? Are there levels to heaven? Is there just low level heaven where space meets the start of heaven where only sorta good people go? Then maybe there’s middle heaven which is the main meat of paradise where most good people go and most of the general heaven stuff goes down. Finally there’s HIGH heaven which is the upper echelon of heavenly stuff and that’s like the VIP area. Clearly that’s where God has his office. People in middle heaven take vacations to high heaven when they’ve accrued enough angel points in a calendar year. You only get permanent residency there if you’ve been a saint your entire life and never sinned once or if you just smell really bad, right? Yeah that makes sense…

People might stink to high heaven during the rapture when everyone shits their pants.

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