Dumbass Sayings: “Spending Money”

Sometimes when you’re out on the town with grandma she says “Here take some spending money for the toffee shop.” That’s a very strange term, “spending money.” ALL money is spending money. That’s like saying “Take this penetrating dildo” or “Take this reading book” or “Here, take this cutting knife.” You could stab with a knife or slice with a knife, but there’s really no need to specify what you’re planning to do with the knife. Knives were made to cut things with and money was made to be spent. Sure you can save money, but you’re saving the money with the intent to one day spend it. Eventually you are going to spend it, right? You don’t just save money and expect to never see it again. If that was the case then you would just spend it immediately. Money is meant to be spent, that’s how the economy stays running. We need to get rid of this idea that “spending money” is a special type of money that you’re allowed to actually use to purchase goods and services. It’s money, granny. You spend it! And I hope you put enough spending money for me in your will because I don’t plan on saving that either!

This isn't spending money, this is fanning money. I only use it as a fan.

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