Ask McFartnuggets: “If You Ask the Doctor to Stop During a Colonoscopy and He Doesn’t is That Assault?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
I was getting a routine colonoscopy done a couple days ago and while I was having the rod inserted up my ass I distinctly remember not feeling good about the whole procedure. I said “Stop… Stop….” I might have been mumbling a little since I was under anesthesia. I don’t fully remember what happened but I do remember saying “No!” and he just kept going. Afterwards I felt really sick about what happened. I know it’s a medical procedure and all but I felt used. I felt wronged. I did find out I had IBS, but I mean still. Do I have a potential lawsuit or can I bring legal action against my doctor? Was I assaulted? -- Glen from Oak Ridge, Indiana

Dear Glen:
Well, you’re right it was a medical procedure which may limit what recourse you have. Personally, I’m a firm believe in “No means no” regardless of what’s going in your ass, vagina, or mouth. That being said, not everyone feels the same way. You may have signed a waiver or some sort of contract beforehand stating in fine print that the doctor was to proceed as they felt necessary. In this situation a doctor might feel the need to get the job done. It’s not like you can say “Stop” during a surgery or something and they have to stitch you back up. Once you say yes right before the procedure and sign your name that’s basically like a contract that lets them do whatever they want. Sometimes a forced camera up the ass is worth finding out you have something wrong with you. My advice would be to seek legal counsel in case, but I have heard all too many stories like this and nothing ever gets done about it.

If your "doctor" is wearing these gloves then that's an immediate red flag.

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