Dumbass Sayings: “20 Years Young”

Sometimes you hear a person say some shit like “I’m currently 20 years young!” or “I’m 18 years young!” Let’s get one thing straight, you can’t say “years young” to describe your age when you’re literally young. “Years young” is what old people say to make themselves feel better about quickly approaching their inevitable demise. Let them have that. You shouldn’t try to take that from them and co-opt it. The whole idea behind saying “years young” is that it’s meant to be an almost sarcastic, oxymoronic, humorous comment. When a 95-year-old says “I’m 95 years young!” Everyone smiles or chuckles because it’s a silly idea that this near century old person has anything to do with the word “young” in any capacity. It’s a humorous contrast. However, when an actual youth who is only two decades old uses that same term it has none of the effect and only enforces the already obvious fact that they’re young. It’s redundant. Anyone below the age of 60 should never refer to themselves with that term. The only way I would allow that is if they had some kind of degenerative disorder that gave them the skeleton of an elderly person. And for the young people who do say they’re “18-years-young!” I hope when they’re 70 they change that to “years old,” otherwise it’ll be very obvious they’re full of shit.

No one ever says a baby is "3 months young."

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