Dumbass Sayings: “Ripped From The Headlines”

Sometimes on commercials for tv shows they advertise “Stories ripped from the headlines!” Apparently these days not being able to come up with original concepts is something to be proud of. Are television writers so devoid of new ideas that they’re now bragging about how they just reboot things that occurred in real life? That’s insane to me. These shows are just copying things that they see on newspaper websites and getting rewarded for it! In the past you had to use your imagination and create a story that engaged people in new and inventive ways. Now you just open “National Inquirer” tear out a page and use that as your script. It’s a sad indictment on art these days when you actually embrace ripping things off. People have always been ripping things off, but at least they kept it a secret. That’s because it was embarrassing to rip things off. It was embarrassing to not be able to create original content. Nowadays “borrowing” ideas is a show’s number one selling point and that’s just sad. They should start saying “Ripped OFF from the headlines.” Just add in that one little word to fully flesh out the picture of what’s going on. If you’re going to own ripping shit off then do it all the way, don’t try to hide it a little by just saying “ripped from the headlines.” You’re ripping life off and you’re ripping off whoever is paying you to write these shows. And who enjoys watching these shows? It already happened on the news in real life, now you’re watching a fictitious re-enactment of it? Maybe if we all just paid more attention the first time none of this would be necessary.


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