The Top 5 Weirdest Things To Collect

Human beings love collecting things. Collections gives us a sense of accomplishment in this crazy world where nothing seems to matter and there are no clear objectives. That being said, there are certain things you should never collect. Well, as long as no one comes over to your house you should be fine, but if you have company over, weird collections could be a problem. Here are the top 5 weirdest things to collect that will ruin your social life:

5. Women’s underwear
Collecting women’s underwear is generally considered an unhealthy lifestyle choice if you’re getting the underwear secondhand. If you’re going to Kohl’s and buying them new then it’s only weird for the people in the checkout line and the cashier. However, if you’re taking them from people that can get a little dicey. Even if you’re a woman, collecting women’s underwear can be strange especially if they’re all different sizes. that’s the dead giveaway. A woman can easily conceal her collection of other women’s panties if they’re all about her same size, but when people see big ass panties in the drawer of a petite woman they get a little suspicious.

The older the underpants, the more awkward the reaction will be.

4. Pubes
Collecting pubic hair is a nice fun hobby that seems harmless and helps keep your carpet clean, but it can be misconstrued as a sign of mental illness. If you have mason jars full of pubes lined up on a bookshelf that’s not exactly the best thing for the social worker who’s checking on the status of your son to see. It’s even worse if they’re all sorts of different colors because that either means you’ve been collecting other people’s pubes or you’ve been dying your own. Neither is a good thing.

After you're done trimming up just throw the pubes out.

3. Blister skin
When you have a huge blister it’s totally normal to pick at it and rip the skin off. It may be normal to even save it for awhile and wait til it gets all hard. Where it stops being normal is when you keep doing this and have a garbage bag full of hardened calloused blister chips. When someone walks in and opens that bag up they’re going to have a lot of questions, questions you may not have adequate answers for.

Everyone loves a good blister, but they're meant to be enjoyed for a brief time like a firework.

2. Bodily fluids
One of the most taboo things to collect has to be bodily fluids and I mean of all kinds. Whether it’s blood, semen, sweat, urine, ass juice, or even tears, sewers were created so that we wouldn’t need to keep these things with us. Nothing brings date night to a screeching halt like a woman finding your semen collection. You can explain “It’s mine! It’s mine!” all you want. For some reason that really doesn’t stop the screaming.

Blood is oddly the most acceptable bodily fluid to collect.

And the number one worst thing to have a collection of is...

1. Baby skeletons
I don’t think I have to explain this one. Even if you had nothing to do with why the babies are just skeletons this is clearly the worst collection of all-time to have. There’s no merit behind it, no one will be impressed, it’s just 100% wrong. Even if the skeletons are hundreds of years old it’s still incredibly eerie and unsettling for anyone in your TV room to see.

Pretty much all skeletons are bad to have in your home, except these.

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