Dumbass Sayings: “Hope is The Most Addicting Drug of All”

Sometimes you see a hipster type something like “Hope. The most addicting drug of all” on a sheet of paper with a typewriter from the 19th century. This may seem like a nice little poetic phrase, but it’s absurdly incorrect. First of all, hope is not a drug. If hope was a drug then I guess you could call the Reverend Jessie Jackson a drug dealer for saying “Keep hope alive” as much as he did. Even if you did accept the false premise that hope was a drug, it would not be the most addicting drug. It wouldn’t even be close. Hope is actually incredibly NOT addicting. If it was so addicting then you wouldn’t need someone saying “Keep hope alive” all the time to remind you. No one has to tell a heroin addict “Hey remember to take your heroin.” No, if you’ve used heroin before then you know when your next dosage is due and you whatever you can in your power not to miss it. Hope, on the other hand is surprisingly easy to quit cold turkey. You know what’s more addicting than hope? Twinkies and Oreos. If hope was more addicting than sugar and fat then you probably wouldn’t see that many obese people who have lost all hope of ever losing weight. Obviously there are millions of people out there who have resigned themselves to being overweight and just enjoying whatever foods they want. All I’m saying is if hope was just as addicting as bacon, that probably wouldn’t be the case. Whoever’s cooking up hope needs to try and work on that formula. I think they need to enhance the concentration because the shit they’re peddling these days is just too weak.

Yeah hope is the most addictive drug in the world. That's why my father lost custody of us, because of his hope addiction.

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