Dumbass Sayings: “Person of Color”

For some reason the politically correct term for anyone who isn’t White is considered a “person of color.” Even Hispanics, Asians, and Albino African American people who physically have the same skin color as average White people fall under the classification of “people of color.” Obviously that makes no sense. It’s not like people’s ethnicity has color. The phrase “person of color” is meant to specifically concern the color of a person’s skin. My main problem with this term is that white is actually a color. Technically white is considered an “achromatic” color like grey. Also, most White people aren’t pure white like the guy from the movie “Powder” or a ghost. The majority of White people are pink or peach or some sort of combination of those colors. So White people are people of color too. Black is the only “color” that isn’t an actually color. Black is the absence of light and essentially the absence of color. So ironically, a literally black person is the opposite of a person of color. How can that be true? It is true, but it doesn’t matter because “person of color” is a bullshit term that doesn’t actually mean anything. I think the term people are looking for is “person of brightness” or “person of darkness.” Of course that doesn’t sound politically correct so we hide that sentiment under the inauthentic guise of something a little less offensive sounding. The fact of the matter is, we’re all people of color. We’re all people and people’s skin has colors. Color should unite us, it should never divide us.

Sun tanning can make you appear to be a person of color, but looking like a person of color is not without its risks.

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