Did Green Day rip off Full House?

I was just watching SNL and Will Ferrell was hosting with Green Day as the musical guest. They played their song "21 Guns" and as soon as I heard the guitar notes fly off of Garry Shandling's guitar I felt like I was a thirteen-year-old girl again, sitting by the fireplace watching TGIF. I wondered why. Usually that only happens after I eat a calzone and get tucked in by my grandma. Then I remembered the sound came from an old TV show, but which one? A few more seconds passed before I remembered it was Full House! And if you stare at that title screen too long the words almost stop having meaning...

http://greendayfullhouse.ytmnd.com/ - Whoever made this, great job because I wasn't going to! And the graphic was well done too. Notice the grenade heart being clutched on their last album and the correlation to the lyrics of the sample. Could this have been years in the making? How far does this thing go?!

Fortunately I'm not the only one who thinks this. The question now is, would this qualify as musical plagiarism? Could the "Full House" crew sue? I've noticed a lot of instances of what I think is musical plagiarism in the past that bands get away with because writing original music is nearly impossible these days. Still I have to say Green Day sounded boring, it was kind of sad to see them play because I used to like them growing up when the Sonics and Jazz were trying to beat Jordan every year. This past night looked like Michael Keaton had formed another band (in addition to the one he had in "Jack Frost") and teamed up with Sean Penn on bass and the deceased Chris Penn on drums with comedian Garry Shandling on guitar.

It does sound good though, I love the "Full House" theme. It actually sounds better than any new song I've heard in years. I found out that a guy named Jesse Frederick composed it, along with the themes from Perfect Strangers, Family Matters, and Step By Step! That means this guy qualifies as a musical genius in my book. He should do something about this and protect his delicious melodies before Kanye starts sampling something.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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