What in the Red Hell Was Susan Boyle Thinking?

Susan Boyle, the woman who showed the world that just because you're homely doesn't mean you can't be worthy of admiration, received a silver medal at the "Britain's Got Talent" finals.

She damn sure should have won, but made a fatal flaw in choosing to sing the same old song again. This is the 21st century Susan, we want new things. We can't legally have jet packs so at least give us a new song. The second time around, (after all the online viewings and initial, sadly genuine "Wow, I didn't know ugly people could have talent" factor) just didn't cut it and I'm not surprised.

It's not really Susan's fault, it's Britain's Got Talent's fault... They knew exactly what was going on when they sent that woman out there and the whole idea that Susan Boyle proves that no one should ever judge a book by its cover is insulting. She's a woman who according to them, had never been kissed and sat around in a flat all day with a parakeet, of course singing wouldn't be out of the question. Which makes me wonder why she didn't have any other songs in mind to perform. I guarantee if she had sung "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, she would not only have won the contest, but be worshiped as a deity by all. Furthermore, that admiration would shift the world's view and general opinion of beauty to include women who look like Susan Boyle and alter the course of humanity altogether. It's a shame that didn't happen.

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