Would you apologize after throwing your kids out of a car?

The woman in White Plains, NY who tossed her kids out of the car and drove off without them may not face charges. 45-year-old Madlyn Primoff managed to become a symbol for angered parents all over the globe overnight when she had it 'up to here' with her daughters. Apparently the kids had risen the level of where she 'had it' all the way to the point where it wasn't touching brain anymore.

In today's world swarming with child molesters, kidnappers, and other insidious characters, leaving your children on the side of the road after visibly illustrating your disdain for them in a theatrical production of frustration is just asking for trouble. Then again she didn't "literally" throw the kids out of the car, but hey I was being figurative, that's called poetic license. She had verbally ordered the kids out of the car, so in that case, it's the kids' faults. What did she say? "Get the f*ck out of the car right now or we're not going to Chuck E. Cheese?" What kind of moron would respond to that threat with compliance? Then again you could blame their idiocy on the mother from whence they came...

Here's the real issue, the woman is clearly mentally disturbed and whether that was caused by the children is irrelevant. What she did to those kids was not action befitting even a psychotic mother and here's why. Forget just leaving them, that's fine, that happens all the time, we've all been through that. What she did was exponentially worse because after she drove off, those girls were just left to wander around. Now a "good samaritan" would wonder what a young girl was doing all alone by the road and get her into their car right? No! That's what a child molester would do! So basically no one aside from a child molester or someone trying to do the right thing so badly that they forget luring a child into their car is bad, would have been able to the return the girls. The disturbing thing is that a lot of parents since this happened have been coming to Primoff's defense saying they'd do the same thing. There are other ways to punish your kids, if you really want to get rid of them, send them to your mother and say "I give up," like any normal person without an ego would.

Bottom line, this woman wasn't fit to have children and I can tell by the way she looks. Sure she's a little homely, but if it was illegal for homely women to have kids you wouldn't exist right now! Haha, only joking, I'm sorry you stepped right into that one. No, it's not her lack of MILFyness that leads me to believe she shouldn't be a mother, it's this eerie similarity:

The last time anyone who looked like these dudes had access to children, four went missing and were presumed dead. In the best case reported, one ended up having to take his family to live in a giant mechanical factory where he was cursed to live the existence of a chocolate eating hermit and orange midget slave owner for all eternity. And let's not overlook the fact that if you take off the first and last three letters of Madlyn Primoff's first and last names respectively you get:

Having "Mad" in your first name isn't too bad, but being an "off" isn't as good as it once was,

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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