Does the "American Idol" voting system require reform?

I'm not currently assigned to any specific political party, but I do know what to expect from a democracy as opposed to a fascist state. After this current voting debacle, American Idol runs the risk of facing severe sanctions from other world powers if it doesn't straighten up and allow its constituency to make their vote matter. This isn't North Korea, it's a Television Show, that means it's serious! Of course AI is directing a lot of the heat toward AT&T, but they're a scapegoat. This is a rot that starts from the inside. If the proper regulatory coalitions do not fix what's wrong, AI threatens to become its own rogue Communist state and further expand their cold death grip on the world. That is why I am proposing to drop several millions of dollars worth of incendiary devices on American Idol before we have another world war on our hands. You saw what happened when we appeased Hitler. That can't happen again, but if it does, don't come crying to me when your daughter is storming Hollywood with an M1 Garand facing rapid fire pop music sound waves that will eat her brain alive.

You have been warned. It is not too late,

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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  1. I never vote for American Idol. I just watch the show from time to time, and don't really care who everyone else votes for.


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