Could weather forecasts be wrong more often?

Dear Weather.com,

You probably have no idea that I'm onto you. I know exactly what your scam is. You tell me it's going to rain all day long and I prepare for rain. I slip on my giant purple poncho and weatherproof thong and head out the door. Then I'm sure ya'll get a big ol' LAUGH at me when the clouds refuse to pour fluid down upon us. Yeah, that's so funny I forgot to mention that I'm enraged. If I could count all the times you've said it was going to rain and it didn't, on one hand, I'd be stared at in public way more than I already am and would never be able to buy a decent looking glove for my new freak hand with hundreds of fingers on it. You people make me sick. You think as long as it doesn't rain when you predict clear skies that's fine. Yeah, maybe for you, but you're not the one with a 4 foot long hot pink umbrella that has to lug that thing around like an idiot everywhere you go when it doesn't precipitate!!!


-Binkie McFartnuggets

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