What Happens if a Person Drinks Vampire Blood?

I don't know much about vampires other than what I've seen from John McCain, haha just kidding sucker. But really I don't follow vampire mythology, which is why I was shocked when I wondered to myself, "What would happen if I or any normal person drank vampire blood?" Of course you might say, "Binkie, no 'normal' person would drink vampire blood you sick freak." Fine, but what if you were forced to drink it, by a vampire?

Some people have this idea that vampires don't actually have blood which I found laughable. Every living being out there has some sort of bodily fluid or juice if you will that keeps their bodies moist with life. Even if by some chance they don't have blood, what the hell happens to the human or animal blood they consume? Wouldn't that then be considered their blood? What does vampire urine look like? I'm sure this is all viciously documented in those countless four inch thick vampire romance novels on sale at CVS that I wouldn't read even if I was literate, the fact remains I am unaware of that documentation. Even if I was, I wouldn't trust that information. This is not something just some woman can fabricate on a whim! That's what makes all this vampire information very sketchy to me. I would go catch a real vampire and keep them in a jail cell to study them, but they'd turn into a bat and fly through the bars, or use their Motorola to call the police. I can't afford one of those fancy ass Hannibal Lector plexiglass enclosures, not to mention a cell phone radio wave scrambling device.

Anyway, the question is "What happens to you when you drink vampire blood?" I would think it turns you into a vampire. And if some how you manage to extract blood from a vampire you deserve it. If anyone has advanced information about this, please let me know; I seriously am interested at the moment which is bound to pass right... now. Well anyway I've gotta go put on my new vampire costume and hang out in front of a 7-Eleven.

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