The Youknighted Steightz of America?

I joined blip.tv to showcase some of my stranger work that won't be seen on YouTube for legal reasons... But also just in case YouTube ends up charging money to use its service considering they're bleeding money. From what I've seen of blip so far it's not bad. If there ever is a mass exodus from YouTube, this is the best haven I've seen so far. I looked at Revver for a little while, but they turned out to be awful. I uploaded a video there and it never got finished processing. Then the site broke every time I tried to access my dashboard... Stay away from Revver. Blip is a little bland and looks like Facebook, but if YouTube screws us then we'll be screwed no matter what, the best you can do is find a way to escape quickly and slam the door on their rape device. I suggest you check out blip.tv if only for a moment and let me know if you see something wrong that I missed. It seems too good to be true.

-Binkie McFartnuggets

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