Ask McFartnuggets: “Aren’t All Chips Veggie Chips?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Everyone be talking about “Veggie chips.” Everywhere I go people be like “Veggie chips this, veggie chips THAT! Veggie chips are so much healthier than potato chips and they taste better too!” It seems like veggie chips are all the friggin rage. The question I wanna know is what in the hell these people are smoking? Cuz the last time I checked a potato was a motherfucking VEGETABLE. And the other last time I checked “Veggie” was a nickname for “Vegetables.” Every goddamn chip is a veggie chip! Am I just bugging or are people freaking ridiculous with this veggie chip hooplah? -- Phoebe from New Rochelle, New York

Dear Phoebe:
Well, technically yes, potatoes are vegetables so their chip form could be considered “veggie chips” but people widely know them specifically as “potato chips.” The connotation with vegetables is that they’re healthy so potatoes are not the best ambassadors of vegetable health. The chips marketed as veggie chips are often made with other vegetables like carrots and spinach. Those of course are less starchy and healthier vegetables, but all that matters is how it’s prepared. You can deep fry kale in lard and it’s no longer healthy. You can call it “veggie fries” that doesn’t make a damn bit of difference. It might be a little healthier than the potato version, but not by much.

Potatoes would be a much healthier vegetable if we stopped frying them in oil all the time.

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