Dumbass Song Lyrics: “She’s Got Legs And She Knows How To Use Them”

The classic ZZ Top song “Legs” from their 1983 album “Eliminator” has a line that goes “She’s got legs and she knows how to use them.” Yeah I SHOULD HOPE SO. I’d say that line describes the majority of women out there. That’s not necessarily something that needs to be bragged about. You may as well say “She’s got eyes and she knows how to use them.” What’s the alternative? A woman with no eyeballs? That’s rather startling. Look, this is a very famous song and I like it, but really what woman with legs doesn’t know how to use them? A paralyzed woman? I don’t think that’s a distinction you need to make when singing the praises of a woman. Has anyone ever told their friends “Hey I met a great chick. She’s got legs. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know how to use them, she’s in a wheelchair.” The thing is, even a woman who was paralyzed from an accident would know how to use their legs, it’d just be that she couldn’t. A woman who had legs and didn’t know at all how to use them would have to be a person who was born with a condition that didn’t give them any use of their lower body. That’s pretty depressing. And women’s legs are great, but imagine how bad this song makes paraplegic women feel not to mention all the awkwardness that must result when the song comes on around them. It is a rockin’ tune, but to me, it’s not worth that. The only bright side to that is you don’t see too many paraplegic women for some reason. The ratio of paraplegic men to women is really off balance, which is great for women I suppose. Maybe that’s how ZZ top got away with this song to begin with.

Whoever had this pair must have not had a clue.

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