Dumbass Sayings: “My Heart Goes Out To You”

Sometimes after a burrito factory explodes or some shit and a bunch of people die a person will say “My heart goes out to all the victims.” What do you mean your heart goes out? I think this is bullshit because if one of the victims needed a heart transplant, would your heart literally go out to them? Probably not. Don’t say things you don’t actually mean. There are so many ways to lend verbal moral support to people without teasing a potential heart donorship. If you want to say “My heart goes out to you” then put your money where your mouth is or rather put a surgeon's blade where your heart is. No one really cares that you said your heart goes out to them. Saying “my heart goes out to you” is like blowing a kiss to someone who just needs a good fucking. Sure it seems nice, but there’s no substance to that. All it means is “I feel sad for you.” So just say that. There’s no need to gussy it up in poetic metaphors. Either you truly care and so your money can go out to them (rather than your heart) or you don’t truly care and you just feel socially obligated to express sympathies. The fact is, we don’t really care that much when strangers die. Yes it’s sad, but most people don’t have the time or resources to respond properly to all the families left behind by dead folks. Most of the time you can only focus on your immediate family and closest friends. Those are the people your soul goes out to. Your heart is what goes out to people you barely know or don’t know at all. In other words, your “heart” means nothing. Your heart going out to someone helps them about as much as the human heart is actually responsible for love. Love doesn’t actually come from the heart, it comes from the brain. The heart is just a symbol we continue to wrongly use and that is no more apparent than in the phrase “My heart goes out to you.”

Your heart goes out to me? Okay what day is good for you?

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