Dumbass Sayings: “Workaholic”

Sometimes you hear people say stupid shit like “I’m a real workaholic!” This is an offensive term. Workaholism is not a recognized medical condition. Some people even doubt that alcoholism is a legitimate disease so workaholism can’t be taken seriously at all. You can’t be addicted to work. When you’re truly addicted to something you’ll do anything for it. You’ll talk to people you’d never want to talk to and do things you never thought you were capable of just to indulge in an addiction. No one’s ever given a hand job to a stranger in a gas station to score some work, unless they were a prostitute, in which case that’s an entirely different story. They’re not addicted to work, that’s just what their job entails.

Odds are if you like your job it’s because you’re around people you like and doing things you want to do. If you worked at a place you hated and yet still couldn’t stop from going there THEN you’d be a workaholic. Unfortunately there’s no job where you simply get paid to do cocaine all day. If there was then you’d see people addicted to working. Even in that case they’d really be addicted to the cocaine. Saying people are addicted to work is like saying people are addicted to cigarettes. It’s no the cigarette itself they’re addicted to, it’s the nicotine. It’s not the work people are addicted to, it’s the money. They’re addicted to money because when you’re broke you experience terrible withdrawal symptoms. But you can’t be addicted to things you need to survive. We all are technically addicted to air and water, but no one ever mentions it. No one should ever have to mention being addicted to work either for that same reason.

I've never seen a baby get addicted to working.

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