Dumbass Song Lyrics: “Baby I’m Worth It”

The girl group “Fifth Harmony” has a song called “Worth it” and the lyrics go “Give it to me, I'm worth it. Baby, I'm worth it.” Ironically it’s been praised by some as a female empowerment song. I say that’s ironic because “Baby, I’m worth it” sounds like something a prostitute would say trying to justify their price for premium full service. A woman convincing a man she’s of a certain value is not empowering. You’re supposed to be a person, you’re not supposed to assign yourself monetary value. Whores brag about how much they’re worth. Real women can’t be bought, trust me I’ve tried. A truly empowered person would realize their body was of no inherent value, but their mind was priceless. It’s such a musical cliche to brag about how much you’re worth and this song does nothing to change that. The difference is, a male rapper will brag about how many women he buys whereas a girl group will brag about how expensive it was to buy them. To me that’s not really empowering or even respectable. I suppose women have to start somewhere to break away from the tyranny of men, but I assumed they were a little farther along than a song like this would suggest. Also, lyrics like this coming from a group of women is a little confusing. There’s five of you, so is there a group discount rate or something?

It's technically a step forward to pimp your own pussy out instead of having a man do it for you.

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