Ask McFartnuggets: “Why Are There So Many Grammatically Incorrect Slogans?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
What is the story with all these company’s sales slogans these days? I got Lipton tea telling me to “Be more tea.” I got my Heinz ketchup asking me “How do you happy?” and LG phones saying “See the great, feel the great.” What the heavens is the matter with these people? It sounds like Borat came up with these slogans or something. Are they hiring European people who barely know English to work in the ad departments of these companies? This really isn’t helping the youth of America learn how to speak properly! -- Dee from Montpelier, Vermont

Dear Dee:
Well, what you’re seeing is companies trying to come up with new, original slogans that haven’t already been used in the past. As time progresses, more and more slogans get taken up and most of those slogans were using proper grammar. So in order to come up with slogans people have never heard before you have to sometimes move words around and change language a little bit. Also, it’s more acceptable these days because young people are paying less and less attention to proper grammar with texting and shorthand emojis and such. It doesn’t seem to bother them when companies speak in broken English, in fact, it makes perfect sense to them. It probably won’t be long until companies just make their own emojis to advertise products and no words will have to be said at all.

A modern day ad executive.

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