Ask McFartnuggets: “Is it Weird For Elderly People to Play Video Games?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
My grandpa Keith plays more video games than I do. He’s 72 and he knows more about all the current gen consoles and games than I do. I used to be really into games but after college I sort of lost interest and wanted to spend my money on more important things. Is it weird that my grandpa plays video games? He’s seriously into it. He’s always talking about how great this new generation of video games are and how much he can’t wait for virtual reality games. He’s even on Xbox Live playing against people and he’s always really intense I’m afraid he’s going to have a coronary sometimes while he’s “pwning n00bs.” Is he ever going to grow out of this or what’s going on here? -- Nicholas from Rochester, Minnesota

Dear Nicholas:
Well, video games started getting really popular around thirty years ago so your grandpa was in his 40’s. It’s totally understandable that he got interested in them back then and just never lost interest. That’s the thing you need to realize. As time goes on, grandparents are going to know more about technology, the internet, and yes they’ll love video games. In twenty years, you’re going to see grandparents named Braylen and Kylee and they’ll all be playing virtual reality games and on Tinder. Your grandfather Keith is just the beginning of this. Elderly people are going to become a huge part of the video game industry soon. Yeah it might seem weird right now, but decades ago seeing blacks and whites sharing the same drinking fountain looked weird to people too and then things changed. I don’t know why I drew that comparison, that’s not really the same thing but I think you get what I’m trying to say. It won’t be long until it’s fairly commonplace to see a tri-racial, gluten-free, transgender grandpa named Jaxson playing Call of Duty 19 with an Oculus Rift helmet on in his retirement home with all the other old people who used to be young around this time. It’ll be strange days indeed, IF we manage to survive that long.

Most elderly people's eyes aren't strong enough to play video games, but those who can probably will.

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