Dumbass Sayings: “MLB Service Time”

For some reason when people refer to how long a baseball player has been playing in Major League Baseball they refer to it as “service time.” They say “He’s got 5 years Major League service time.” But that’s the only sport they really do this in. To me, I think that’s a little silly. It’s drawing an obvious comparison between professional baseball and the military. The next time I see a former or current baseball player should I thank them for their service? I mean I can thank them for the memories they’ve given me on the field playing for my favorite team, but let’s not act like they’re fighting ISIS over here. I don’t think you need to be a professional baseball player or an army veteran to know there’s no real similarities between the two aside from the comradery you might share with teammates. You experience the same thing in pretty much any team sport even bowling or field hockey. Baseball is widely regarded as the least physical of the main 4 sports in America. It couldn’t be farther from a battlefield. Now if you want to compare sports to war then football would be the obvious comparison. Despite that, you don’t hear people referring to “NFL service time.” Football players are the ones who retire all fucked up with severe injuries and experience long lasting pain from the scars of the gridiron. If you’re going to refer to “service time” in the childish circus of American professional sports it’s either football or nothing. Soldiers might respect pro athletes, but they’re the ones doing the real charging. I don’t think you can compare dodging 100 mile an hour fastballs with bullets and mortars.

Maybe we should just give these out to players who get put on the DL too!

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