Ask McFartnuggets: “When The First Caveman Invented Fire What Popped Up Over His Head?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Everyone knows when you come up with an idea, a lightbulb pops up over your head, right? If that happens then what popped over a caveman’s head when he first got the idea for fire? We all know that before light bulbs were invented people got candles over their heads when they got an idea and before candles were invented people got fire over their heads. But what did the caveman get over his head before fire was invented? Riddle me that! -- Benny from Bronx, New York

Dear Benny:
Well first off, nothing really pops up over people’s heads when they have ideas. That’s just a cartoon concept. Unless you’re on some serious hallucinogenic drugs I don’t think you’ll ever see that and even if you are, you can’t see what’s going on directly above your head. Even if you’re taking a selfie, the lightbulb, candle, or fire would not be captured by the photo or recording. Secondly, fire wasn’t really an invention. No caveman thought of fire and decided to try and make it. It is likely that the first time a caveman encountered fire it was already there and they just had to examine it. Once they determined how it could be utilized then it became a tool. Because of this, if anything popped up over their head before they used fire it was probably a lightning bolt. The lightning bolt would have passed over their heads and struck a tree to create the fire. So, I guess the answer to your question is lightning.

Fire GOOD!
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