Dumbass Sayings: “Dipshit”

Sometimes when you’re at the club when you dance up to a lady and she says “Back the fuck off, dipshit!” Okay wow, that was a little harsh, but I find myself asking what exactly is a “dipshit”? If you had to picture what a “dipshit” is, what would that be? Would it be a tub of shit sauce blended with sour cream and chives mixed in for snack chips? No, that would be a shit dip. So a dipshit must be like a dipstick. A dipstick is a stick that you pull out of a car engine to see how much motor oil is in there. That means a dipshit would have to be a piece of shit that you dip into something else. I’m wondering what you’re supposed to dip the shit into and for what purpose. What would you dip a piece of shit into? An anus? That doesn’t make any sense. That’s like putting a baby back into a vagina after it came out. No one does that and for good reason. The point is, no one actually knows what a “dipshit” is. It’s just something we call people. At least “douchebags” and “assholes” are real things. Hell, even a “fucknugget” would obviously be a synonym for buttplug.

Thanks for bringing the shit dip, dipshit.

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