Ask McFartnuggets: “If Transvestite Men Are Drag Queens Shouldn’t Transvestite Women Be Push Kings?”

Dear McFartnuggets: 
Heyyy, so if men who dress up like women are called “drag queens” shouldn’t then women who dress up like men be called “push kings?” They call them “Drag Kings” but that’s not a fully complete oppositional phrasing of the “drag queen.” Kings are the opposite of queens, but also pushing is the opposite of dragging, am I right? -- Dillon from Westchester, New York

Dear Dillon:
Well, you would be right save for the fact that the term “drag” is related to wearing clothing of the opposite sex. Because of that, it’s not able to be modified into an antithetical. Furthermore, a queen isn’t the opposite of a king. A hobo or pauper would be the opposite of a king or a queen. So that must mean that women are not the opposite of men. I’m not sure what the opposite of man is, but it’s not women. Women are related to men which is the reason they can imitate them so well. A true opposite would not be able to camouflage itself as its opposite. It’d be like a man dressing up like an amoeba. It can’t be done. So the term “drag king” is the right name for the female a version of a drag queen. Thanks for the question.

Basically a female crossdresser just needs to wear slacks and a collared shirt.

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